Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grateful, Thankful and Blessed!

Well its been a while since I last wrote, and I know people are sick of hearing people complain about the election, rainy weather and well life. So instead of doing my usual "I hate the world" post I'm going to write 30, yes 30 things I'm grateful for. People all over are doing this but dragging it out all month long. Frankly I wont remember to so going to jam pack it all in one blog post. Keep in mind this will be in no particular order of importance, so before the hate mail gets sent, keep that in mind!

Here goes nothing...

  1. My health; yes, my health! Not often I can say that and hell even when I couldnt say that I know there are millions out there worse off. One person comes to mind whenever I say that, they know who they are and I hope that person and their family know I pray for them every single day. This person is diabetic, had transplants and now fighting cancer all while working, and being there for their family
  2.  I’m thankful for time…some hate it because it gives you wrinkles, or it goes by too fast, or you may feel like you’re wasting it…some want to travel in it, others want more of it. Right now I’m thankful for the time I’m given. I am even thankful for the time that has lapsed, it’s brought me where I am today. With no regrets. Time is so precious.
  3. I’m thankful for my support system. Life can be so hard but you make it a tad bit easier. Not naming names but Ive made friends throughout the years who have been there for me during the hardest times. Thank you all! 
  4.  Jaelynn, who has taught me more about life than any book, person or experience. She is the reason I fight, the reason I breathe and have hope. She reminds me time and time again how lucky SHE is to be apart of our family and I think to myself we are the lucky ones :)
  5. Justin; for being my rock, my friend and my husband. Through sickness and in health, good times and bad hes been there for me even before we took our vows. Sure it was a bumpy road but what relationship isnt?! We always work things out and he has given me the greatest gift of all, our daughter and angel babies. For that I am forever grateful
  6. I'm thankful for the freedoms that we are blessed with in America such as the Right to Vote! :-). Left, Right, Middle or even down right don't care.
  7. I am thankful for rainy days and a peaceful breeze.
  8. A great  book, they let me escape reality and relax
  9.  Good drinks! Seriously-best thing to refresh, release and well just have fun
  10. I had the best nap and felt so refreshed! I need to do this more often
  11.  Dirty dishes-it means we had food to eat
  12.  Cuddling...with Jaelynn, Justin, the fur babies, a soft blanket, anything!
  13.  Our Veterans. No explanation needed
  14.  My amazing job, especially in this economy
  15.  Finding money in old coats/purses
  16.  Hot showers after a hard day of work to ease away the stress of the day.
  17.  Date nights
  18. Cancer, well not having cancer  but learning to appreciate life more because of it
  19.  To have the chance to get pregnant and learn more about my body, soul and strength despite the fact of bringing one healthy baby home out of 5 pregnancies
  20.   Photos, for capturing a moment in time.
  21.  The wisdom of my elders. Especially my grandma
  22.  Social Networking sites, sure its a pain the ass at times and can create drama but it allows me to reconnect with friends and family and share my life  with those I dont often see
  23.  Hand-written letters. I still have every note/letter Justin ever wrote to me. Wish we did that more often...perhaps I will start!
  24.  Football season-more importantly the Packers and the chance to see a game next month! (Thanks Gehls!)
  25.  Warm fuzzy socks on a chilly day.
  26.  Music...theres a song for every mood and every situation
  27.  Great team of doctors who keep me in check-I owe an aweful lot to them!
  28.  The fine folks at the Women's Center inWaukesha. They helped me more than words can express both in the past and even now.
  29.  My TTC ladies-you know who you are and know you are loved. Its nice to vent, rant and get advice from other ladies in similar situations
  30.  Life and being able to celebrate another birthday in a few weeks :)
I really need to sit out and do this more often, we all forget how much have even when we think the world is crashing down.

What are YOU thankful for?


  1. I think that's a wonderful list of things to be Thankful for! I plan on doing one of these blog posts as well! :)


    Ps. Happy early birthday!! <3

    1. Thanks! Honestly I could have done more, but wanted to cut it off at 30. I cant wait to see YOURS!

  2. Honestly, I'm thankful for YOU! Your strength amazes me. Love you friend!

    1. Awe, Nicci...thats sweet of you! I have my moments when I'm weak and when I do its ugly. so glad we're friends and youre always there for me!