Friday, June 22, 2012

A New not Star Wars related!

Today was a great day for me, which is saying a lot considering I went to the doctor! Not everyday I get good news from a doctor so I will embrace it with open arms and remember to count my blessings...each day is a new day and new hope for a happier future.

Basically long story short, I get to start clomid (the fertility drug thats pretty affordable) and as soon as my body is ready...trying to explain without getting too detailed especially for those who dont understand it all...I will go in for an ultrasound and blood work then taking the pill as directed. I will do this each month until I have a baby :) They're starting me at the lowest dose because some of the side affects are less than fun and if it doesnt work on low dose theyll bump it up as needed. This is exactly what I wanted! She said she doesnt see any reason why it wont work for me because I can obviously get fingers and toes crossed that this is it!

I go back and forth on the whole baby thing and of course deep down I want it but at what cost?! So hearing the DOCTOR, a person with knowledge and history of success tell me shes not at all worried was a weight off my shoulders. Phew!

For those who dont know, or care to know, my wisdom teeth are out and went pretty well, so thats a relief! My face was killing me and couldnt wait to get them out and move forward!

I feel lucky to have the abilities to move on with operation make a baby and for all of you to be there 100% to support me :)

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