Saturday, June 2, 2012

Am I That Obvious??

I was shopping at Target earlier and was shopping the baby/toddler  area, like usual, and this random woman just looked at me with such sincerity and simply said "Dont worry, it'll happen again" I couldnt help but tear up! Hoe did she know? Am I that desperate looking?  Was I even looking at baby items?! Ahh the whole thing has me so off guard!

Justin and I were just talking, just stop trying for a baby, I was contemplating going back on birth control (which seems so stupid now) If I have issues without the birth control why would that help? I know a lot of my friends are sick of me talking about this but its my only dilemma in life right now and I cant help but think and wonder about the future for my family. I apologize for those who think I just sit and cry day after day, I promise its not really like that but I do think about the baby hopes an awful lot.

I'm by no means a follower of God, but with that being said I believe in fate; everything happens for a reason and even if that reason is unclear I trust that somewhere down the road it will all become clear why we're here.

Until I figure that out, I will just be grateful for all that I do have, for simply being alive to experience all the good and bad and just take it one day at a time. In the end everything will be okay and if its not okay than its not the end!

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