Thursday, May 31, 2012

Should have been a doctor!

As if having a loss isnt hard enough physically and emotionally the damn medical bills are rediculous. Keep in mind the hospital stay happened 2 days before my insurance was active...just my luck.

Heres a quick break down of the costs :
  •  ER Admission fee $750 
  • IV/Labs $450
  • Ultrasound $1800
  • Admissions ( think for moving me upstairs?) $250
  • Pain meds $518
  • D&C/Laproscopy $900.00 
  • ER Dr. Bill $677
  • OBGYN Bill $398
Add that all up and its $5743...I did pay $75 when I went to OB to confirm pregnancy so I owe a bit less...and they were nice and gave me an "uninsured discount" of $854, I asked for an itemized bill so I can be sure that they didnt overcharge(hah) but it seems legit. Damn.

Talk about overwhelming! Im sure theres a few more bills from anesthesiologist, and the doctor who I had once I was admitted. Crazy crazy crazy, but I guess it could be worse!

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