Thursday, August 16, 2012

What a Week!

This is what happens when I cant sleep, my thoughts eat me up alive and I sit here at 1230am eating a grilled cheese sandwich and think about everything from what I have to do tomorrow to what I'm going to buy Jaelynn for Christmas. Definitely unsure of both.

*Side note:This is quite possibly the most delicious sandwich Ive ever eaten!*

This past week has been a test of my patience to say the least! I did have a few outbursts some legit and some just unnecessary. Nonetheless, I'm glad this week is coming to an end! Jaelynn had spent nights at the hospital, seen her doctor 2 times, Ive seen MY doctor twice and all while trying to inform the world we have exposed them all to pertussis(whooping cough) and although I think most were understanding I had a lot of negative feedback from my so called friends. Accusing me of being a neglective mom who doesnt vaccinate or take child to their doctor, etc, etc. Just to put it out there yet again, I had taken her to her pediatrician five yes FIVE different times. No one thought it was whooping cough and blamed it on allergies. The claritin did help so I assumed they were right. Even when they did the test they didnt think it was positive but treated her with the zpack to be safe...sure enough it was freaking positive. Great. Now not only is my child sick but we've been to several birthday parties, a few baby showers and every public place in Waukesha and Milwaukee County.

Anyways she is no longer contagious, but may still have the cough for upto 8 more weeks...people will just have to deal! I am by no means a people pleaser but at the same time I hate drama! I had no control over the matter and sadly lost a few close friends over it. Clearly they werent true friends if they're going to let something like this be the end of it, but I think in the end its for the better for me and my daughter. My life will not change drastically over a few less people who want nothing more than to cause drama.

Aside from that "excitement" not a whole lot is new! Finished the clomid and supposed to go get my thyroid levels checked next week...may wait another week because amidst all this I havent been remembering to take my meds, so the tests wont be too accurate. That reminds me, I should probably call the doctor to let her know I'll be in later....

I'm excited to be teaming up withe the Bissing Family and AL's Run and Walk for Childrens Hospital to help honor Owen Bissing who had passed away at six months old while also giving back to Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW). Theres still a few days to get registered, for those interested :)

Obviously millions of kids are served each year at CHW and they never turn anyone away-no matter how minor or severe or their ability to pay. I've been on their receiving end countless times growing up and now as a mother and having my own child serviced there. Without CHW I would simply not be here, not be a live and for all that they did for me I am forever grateful. Sure I dont remember every little detail about my health issues, surgeries or appointments but what I do remember is how much fun I had there. One year I was there from Halloween to Christmas and to be honest I didnt even care! I didnt feel like I missed out on trick or treating or opening gifts with my family. Instead the fine folks of CHW had so many tricks up their sleeves to make it the funnest place on the planet. For Halloween we trick or treated throughout the hospital visiting nurses stations and other units, for my 5th birthday I got a cake,balloons and a visit from Tweety Bird and Sylvester(along with my Thanksgiving dinner), and for Christmas Harley-Davidson must have had a toy drive and made sure all of us kids in the hospital had an amazing Christmas! Most of my doctors I still see to this day because I was part of a medical trial and they keep tabs on little did they know how much "fun" it would be following me from 2 years old to 23 years old! I sure gave them a lot to work with ;-) Point is as much as it sucks having countless surgeries, being in the hospital and not able to play outside like a normal kid they made it all fun. I have NO bad memories of that place and I know there are far many more kids who were and are way worse off than me and thanks to CHW they will have a fighting chance while still getting to be a kid who laughs and plays.

I hope my midnight ramblings didnt scare you all off...I told you I cant shut my brain off!

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  1. Amanda You are a pillar of strength. I wish I could but the engagament party is that day.