Sunday, July 1, 2012

July, Already!?

I feel like this year is flying by and before I know it, we'll be busting out the Christmas Tree and sledding! Days like today when its so damn hot, I sort of miss the snow, but if it could just be fall/spring year round Id be in Heaven.

A month from today my little baby girl will be 4, this is insane to me! FOUR years old?! How did the last four years just fly by? I know everyone says how fast they go and to cherish every moment, and I did my very best to follow that but reflecting on the last few years we as a family have overcame so much and its no secret that Jaelynn Michelle was my motivation to keep on trucking when I felt like giving up. Sometimes it was as simple as a angelic smile or a big hug and other times it was our "deep" conversations about how mommy was sick but the doctors are helping me...she then said she was going to help the doctors cure heart melted! She was stronger than I ever could be because although she knew something wasnt quite right her innocence kept us all grounded.

She too has been through a lot, between surgery, possible cancer scare (at 6 months old-hence the surgery) several hospital stays for various illnesses, dragged into wedding chaos, losing her best friend, ballet class and of course lots of playing!  I just dont know how she always comes out of everything with a smile. Sure she has moments where shes sad but she always turns it into something positive and carries on while playing with her dinosaurs or ponies.

I guess I'm just a proud mama, a very proud mama! She has taught me so much and I cant wait to see where the future takes us! She told me all she wanted for her birthday was to be a big sister, a Darth Vader cake and water guns...Im going to do my best to make her wishes come true, two outta three are guaranteed and hopefully with the help of the clomid and great new doctor I can grand all her wishes. She deserves it.

I hope that one day she can look back and have the fondest childhood memories and knows how loved she is.

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