Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend is here!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Lots of fun plans ahead with great friends, and I think its just want I need to snap outta this funk. Its been a month since I was told that Im no longer pregnant and I still feel as though the day is stuck on repeat. I need to be okay, I need to move on and I hope and pray this helps-being distracted is always a good thing for me so I will stay busy and stay strong.

As I still feel bad about my life for a hundred reasons Im reminded again that someone always has it worse. A friend of mine from high school is preparing a funeral-for her 8 week old son-how unfair!!! I said this before but watching a parent mourn the loss of a child is the hardest thing Ive ever seen and I hope that I never have to bury my child(ren) No one should ever have to do this whether their child was still born, 2 months old, 1 year old or 50 years old...children are supposed to outlive their parents, not the other way around. I hope their family finds some peace and comfort knowing that so many have rallied together to be there for Baby Graysen.

Then theres the Bissing Family, this family has been remarkable and humble enough to share their life with thousands of strangers all over the country...from pregnancy with triplets-(yes WITHOUT any kind of fertility treatments) to daily struggles and triumphs and within the last year the unexpected death of their Baby Owen. Owen was found in his crib with no heartbeat and wasnt breathing at 6 months old...he fought hard a long 5 days when he went to Heaven but part of him lives in the organ recipients and each person who was touched by his story, his short life. It’s not the length of your life that matters, but what you do with it. His family now arranges events,  Little Warriors, in memory of Owen that help local non profits get some help they need while teaching our children a bit about community service and helping others. This weekend I will proudly display my Owenge :)

I guess to me Memorial Day is more than BBQs or an extra day off, its a time to remember those who have passed on, those who fight/fought for our country to help keep us safe, and a time to reconnect with friends and family. Please cherish all those you love, tell them you care and hug your children extra tight <3

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