Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Beloved Barbie Brush

This morning was not my best, in fact it was a crazy chaotic rush out the door! I woke up late (forgetting I start work an hour early all week) and had to throw on the first outfit I picked up, brushed my teeth and somehow forgot to brush my hair or even attempt to make it look presentable.

I grabbed Jaelynn threw her in the car (yes still in pajamas) and headed out. I  usually keep a hair brush in my car but must have taken it out last weekend when I cleaned it out. Dumb move! All I could find was one of Jaelynn's barbie brushes and if you would have seen my hair before the barbie brush you'd understand why I needed to brush it...not even a ponytail could hide this mess!

As I'm driving down 94, I brush my hair while checking it in the rear view mirror, classy eh? I was thinking back to the days when I actually woke up an hour earlier JUST to do my hair. I would wash, dry, straighten, and then put so much product in to keep it looking"perfect" and nearly an hour later Id be set. My oh my have things changed! I cant even believe I did that and now I'm happy if I get a shower in before work haha.

This is one of many reasons I miss caffeine. When I had my cup of coffee in the morning I felt like I could function, I switched to decaf hoping I could trick my mind into thinking its no different and I thoguht it was working but lately Ive been forgetting my wallet, keys, camera, always something!

This is totally off topic but now that I have insurance I made all my appointments to get checked out and move forward with TTC (trying to conceive) My new OBGYN is also a RE(Reproductive Endocrinologist...aka fertility doctor) so we will figure this whole thing out! Once I do a few rounds of clomid (drug that may help this whole process) we may just do an IUI, I feel like I should just make a dictionary of all these crazy terms, maybe I will... IUI is procedure that involves placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. This fertility treatment does not involve the manipulation of a woman’s eggs, and therefore  less invasive and a little less costly than IVF..im hopeful something will give! Id go into more detail but only a few of you would understand and the medical crap and well Im not entirely sure what we will do yet so once I meet with the doctor I will keep you all posted. Only a month away!

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