Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

 I deleted the Rogers Family Blog, because it really bothered Justin that I post things regarding my whereabouts, family dilemmas and such so I will make this all about me. Easy enough :)

Today is usually deemed a "bad luck day" and with the way my week was going I was certain it would be a bad day for me. Ive been going to doctors all week for testing to be sure my cancer is gone, for good, but with some not so normal results they kept asking me to come in. Naturally when you get a call back to come into doctor you freak out, I mean who wouldnt?!

Thankfully I'm on vacation this week because there have sleepless nights, tear soaked pillows, and the ever so sexy puffy red eyes. I would hate for people to see me this way, hence why I hid out at home most of my week. Sorry to all those I blew off, hope you understand.

The doctor appointment was today (which I found $10 walking into office) and said all is well after all, phew! I do have  some elevated liver functions but thats "normal" for me. I couldnt handle going through chemo, radiation, hospital stays and missing time with my family...again! I would never wish this on anyone and honestly I had it pretty "easy" compared to most folks. I cant imagine it being any harder...mad props to all those other fighters and survivors!

Now that my biggest fear is over with, hopefully for good I can move on with my life and get some SLEEP tonight! No more 4am sob sessions while watching Greys Anatomy.

Thanks to all my friends who have been there, whether youve been in my life for years or just months, you know who you are and know I appreciate it :)


  1. I like this personal blog idea! I had once on Lj... lol do u even know what Lj is?

  2. Love it and keep it up....You really are an inspiration to all. Even when you feel your lowest and no point of return remember your friends and family are here to help you stay strong. Miss Amanda you are NEVER ALONE even in the wee hours of the morning someone somewhere is thinking about you:) Mad props to you my strong friend. Love you.

    1. Thanks Heide, I always have to think twice when I write your name ;) I dont think of myself as inspiring at all, btu thank you! Theres alot more to my story called life but not all of it Im comfortable sharing, right now. You all know the last 7 years or so because well thats about how long weve known eachother(closer to 6I think)Im sure it will come out in time just give me a few drinks and a sad song with my laptop...haha Thanks for encouraging me to keep moving forward. Maybe YOU should start writing too!