Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cancer Free, Way to Be!!!

This week was a test of my emotions and for part of it my emotions were winning. As sad as I am to no longer be pregnant right now I still have so much to be grateful for and celebrating. Thankfully I have amazing friends who kept me grounded, gave me chocolate, hugs and margaritas! Nothing cures a broken heart better than venting to friends, so thanks to everyone whos been there for me this week!

Last night was my official "Cancer Free Celebration" and we had fun! I'm not going to lie, Im a bit bummed not more of my friends could come due to sick little ones, lack of sitter, or life getting in the way, but theres a few that I expected to be there that werent with no explanation why. Oh well there loss! Lifes too short to stay angry over petty things.

The "Jumbo" Rainbow, it was massive!
It was my first night out since, AUGUST, crazy, right?!? I had several margaritas (well only 2 but one was equivalent to 2-3 in one glass) and thankfully my dad watched Jaelynn so I could have some adult interaction and catch up with friends. Makes me appreciate my social life a whole lot more because lets face it, once your a mommy it dwindles down a lot, not to mention while trying to get pregnant, being pregnant and dealing with liver issues time to time doesnt leave a lot of time to relax and throw back a few cocktails.

Some of my closest friends who have turned into family came to help me celebrate! I couldnt be any luckier to have these core people always there for me when I need them the most, known them all at least 6-7 years(some longer some less) but they are an amazing support system!

 Thought this was funny, they both wore yellow and I wanted to make it look like a bumblebee...not sure if that was me or the margarita's idea!
My friends Krystal, Jenny and I posing for a quick picture :)

My night came to and end with this little lady in my arms,and everything in the world is okay again. Jaelynn Michelle you are the reason I breathe, get up each day and move forward. If it wasnt for your sweet face, sassy mouth and great hugs I wouldnt be where I am today. Although you were a nice surprise earlier than I expected I wouldnt change a thing! I love that you give me strength, hope and unconditional love to remind me life is worth living. Many times I felt like giving up but you kept me motivated to move on and better our lives.

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  1. lol yeah those are some awesome photos :P I should sue you! JK
    I had a blast honey, and I can't wait to do it all over again next year! This was an amazing night to remember what is important! I'm glad we went! Love ya!