Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Where Have I Been?!?

I was touched to get an email from a reader(who I dont know in "real" life) asking if I'm okay and where Ive been and whats new...well I think months between updates is entirely too long. I do write a lot, just dont always publish them, nothing against you folks but its a great outlet for me and not EVERY thought has to be shared. Promise nothing big or exciting is happening that I wont share ;)

So moving onwards!

Work: I got a new job! It was bittersweet leaving the boys I nannied for after two years but it was time! I was overworked, stressed to the max and underpaid for all that I was doing. I now work for a daycare about 5 minutes from home with kids with and without special needs. I feel like its "where I belong" I have done so much volunteer work with people with disabilities and have always wanted to do more-well heres my chance! The staff is so friendly and welcoming, the dress code INCLUDES yoga pants and I work shorter days which allows me to spend more time with Jaelynn, which is always awesome!

Jaelynn: I think with me working away from her (she stays home with Daddy..for now!) she really does miss me! When I get home her attitude explodes and I know its her way of lashing out, but oy vey!!! I think a lot of it is just HER and well being four but I do get to spend more time and need to make the best of it, before I know it I will be sending her off to school :( Shes getting ready for her big dance recital in a little over a month, and shortly after that girl scout camp for 2nd year in a row, with me!

Me: I'm trying to adjust to a new lighter work load, re-focusing on the weight loss and staying positive about life. I get emotional this time of year,  mostly happy tears but tears nonetheless...its so crazy how fast time flies and how much time I spent in self pity and wishing my life was easier, just once. Lots of outside time now that its nicer and its wedding season, so we stay busy!

So basically lifes been a blur, lots of doctor appointments-shocking, I know, and lots of happiness but also some disappointments. Thats life though, nothing is perfect but I may not handle things the way you think I should but I deal with it and that is all that matters. I face it, I cry to it, I fight it, and in the end I defeat it 

Promise not to be gone so long next time ;)


  1. love your banner on your blog and welcome back

    1. Thanks Trish! Just now seeing this, sorry for slow reply!