Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No News is Good News!

So for those of you who dont blog with this site, they changed the layout, format...well everything and it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to make a new post, which then distracted me from what I had originally had to say ugh!  I apologize now incase this post is all over the board!

My week is going, not good not bad just moving on. For once I dont think I have something to whine/complain about (nothing new at least) just ready for the weekend to be here! Its pretty full with dance class, breast cancer walk and birthday parties but maybe its just what I need to get outta my funk, my grief. Time to carry on with my normal life and move forward, so that is what Im aiming to do!

This is random but everyday around 130 I feel so incredibly exhausted, never fails and I cant snap out of it no matter my activity or caffeine intake. Before I blamed it on pregnancy but cant use that as the reasoning anymore...strange!

Went to doctor, again, for a check up and they said theyd call if there was anything of concern...this was Monday and its not Wednesday and normally Id be stressing out but life is getting in the way of that but is it safe to assume that since they havent called that thers nothing new to worry about? Im just going to go with that :)

Ive been reading alot of blogs, more than normal and found a new one to follow Avery's Bucket List and it inspired me to make a new bucket list, I have one that Ive done alot of the things on it (mind you I made it when I was 13) so time to start fresh! Ill keep you posted on what I decide to do...going to start this summer! This little girl is an inspiration, reminder that life could always be worse and now an angel. I hope she rests in peace now.

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